[OSM-talk] [Osmf-talk] Candidate's views? Re: Board decision on Crimea complaint

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Tue Dec 11 15:07:55 UTC 2018

W dniu 11.12.2018 o 14:59, Imre Samu pisze:
> Imho:  there are other core values
> So we need to find a global optimum - and it is not easy.

I agree. Thanks for checking our foundations. In day to day operations
it's not possible to know every rule in OSM and it's not even needed,
since some common rules of thumb are enough, but it's important to
really check it when discussing rules.

> TLDR:  We need focusing for the customizable vector tiles for the next
> year!    (  Less community fighting - more working on the real
> problems!  )

I hope there will be something for a start in the coming weeks:


"Excuse me, I have some growing up to do" [P. Gabriel]

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