[OSM-talk] Ground truth for non-physical objects

Tomas Straupis tomasstraupis at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 12:31:14 UTC 2018

2018-12-17, pr, 11:00 Martin Koppenhoefer rašė:
> for admin boundaries there will often be at least 2 "true" document
> sources: one for each party / side. They are also often observable,
> at least punctually.

  I wonder, of those saying that it is a peace of cake to map country
boundaries by physically observing different things on the ground, how
many of them have actually practically MAPPED at least a tiny bit of
country borders (say 50km?). If so, maybe they can come forward and
tell everybody where exactly and how exactly they did that.

  Especially interesting and useful would be stories of how maritime
boundaries or boundaries with no considerable obstructions built have
been actually mapped by physical observation.


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