[OSM-talk] Language used in OSM forum/wiki/mailing list

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Dec 21 10:14:01 UTC 2018


On 21.12.2018 10:36, Naveen Francis wrote:
> Is there any policy on the language used in OSM talk/forum/wiki ? 
> I was going through Thailand OSM forum

Generally, you should only appeal to authorities if you cannot resolve
the matter in the community. If you find that someone in the discussion
is using an inappropriate tone, get involved, post a message yourself,
tell them that you feel offended by something they said, and ask them to
be more polite.

If you cannot do that, or if it doesn't help, then the next step would
be writing to the moderator(s). The Thailand forum is moderated by user
stephankn. The moderator can edit posts or block people from
contributing to the forum.

What is or is not abusive will often depend on the usual tone of
exchange in a region, therefore it is desirable to have rules
interpreted by people familiar with the local customs.

Discussing the tone on the Thailand forum on the international talk
mailing list is probably much less helpful than the two suggestions I
have made above.


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