[OSM-talk] Roundabouts - why is a separate segment required?

Dave F davefoxfac63 at btinternet.com
Wed Feb 14 14:53:07 UTC 2018

Could anyone give me an explanation for this line from 

"Each road has to be connected with the roundabout in a separate 
node—that is, between these nodes a segment of the roundabout is required."

I see no requirement for a separate segment:

  * When a entering road shares a node with a roundabout then the router
    knows it's entered that roundabout by reading the tags on the
    circular way.
  * Whilst on that node, the router checks to see if there are any
    suitable exits. If there are, then it leaves the roundabout.
  * If not, it continues going around until it finds an appropriate exit.

Also, I'm more than a little annoyed at the inference it fails 
geometrically "because you did not trace the roundabout within its most 
external lane".


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