[OSM-talk] Asian Highway Network three-digit routes in Guangdong and Hong Kong

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Fri Mar 30 07:08:08 UTC 2018


could someone verify the existence of Asian Highways AH374 and AH368? These are ostensibly unsigned routes part of the Asian Highway Network, the former from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, and the latter from Sha Tin (in Hong Kong) to Hong Kong International Airport. Both of their Wikipedia articles were created by the same user, who is now blocked indefinitely for abusing multiple accounts, and I can’t find any sources which confirm their existence and aren't Wikipedia mirrors. They aren’t even listed on the OpenStreetMap wiki’s page for the Asian Highway Network (all the routes there, and all other routes listed on Wikipedia except “extension” ASEAN routes starting with 1, are single- or double-digit). I’ve just cleaned up after someone who added one of those to the entire route as ref=…;AH374 instead of int_ref=AH374.


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