[OSM-talk] Plus code grid service

Doug Rinckes drinckes at google.com
Mon Nov 19 15:43:20 UTC 2018

We're really excited to launch a free plus code grid service at

(Plus codes is an open source algorithm to combine location with locality
names, so that you can have address-like references in places where street
addresses don't exist, like this school in Ghana: 8MF9+5C Sunyani. Plus
codes are displayed and supported in Google Maps as well as some other

One of the strengths of plus codes is that they are based on a grid. Up to
now, the only way to visualise the plus code grid was with the JavaScript
grid overlay library, and that only worked with Google Maps.

The grid service means you can fetch the grid and overlay it on top of your
map using any library or application that supports TMS requests, using
either GeoJSON or image tiles. This could be a GIS application, or a map
that uses the Google Maps, Leaflet or Open Layers libraries, etc.

The service also produces KML, making it possible to view the grid using
Google Earth. Just download the file at
https://grid.plus.codes/pluscode.kml and
open it with Google Earth (desktop, app or web), and it will draw the grid
whenever you move the map.

Whatever format you choose, the level of detail of the grid depends on the
zoom level. If you zoom in, it will show more precise grid levels. The
image tiles display the plus code for each grid square, the KML format
displays an info bubble when you click on a grid cell, and the GeoJSON
output includes it so you can display it any way you want.

For more information, see the website https://plus.codes or our GitHub

Ngā mihi,
Doug Rinckes, Technical Program Manager, Google Switzerland GmbH; 9G8F+6W Zü
rich <https://www.google.com/maps/search/9G8F%2B6W%20Z%C3%BCrich>
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