[OSM-talk] Is it time to redevelop JOSM?

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 21:07:23 UTC 2018

JAVA has a number of problems.  Many corporations ban its installation
citing security issues which restricts the machines that can use JOSM with
all its nice tools.

Oracle never was enamoured of open software and since it has taken over
JAVA the licensing has changed amongst other things.

I note that Vincent Privat has reservations about the new version saying
they are removing functionality from JAVA that JOSM depends on.

Running old versions of JAVA is I think impractical.  There are too many
security issues.

iD runs using an Internet connection and a browser.  I think there is a
need for something like JOSM which can work completely off line if need be.

C# apparently is open source.  Visual Studio 2017 is a professional
development environment.  Yes it is Windows and I recognise that many
prefer one flavour of UNIX or another but I think it is time to think
strategically and start work on a replacement for JOSM before we find we
can no longer use it.  It can certainly create code which will run on UNIX

I'm not saying C# is the only way to go.

My days as a coder were in the main forty years ago so I'm out of date
these days however I had occasion to use both C# and Visual Studio 2017
recently when the language I used to use to knock up the odd program was
unable to do what I was after.  I must confess I was impressed.

So thoughts ladies and gentlemen?


Cheerio John
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