[OSM-talk] iD influencing tagging

Tomas Straupis tomasstraupis at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 16:13:31 UTC 2019

2019-04-07, sk, 19:06 Bryce Jasmer rašė:
> The wiki page for landuse=reservoir says:
> "Description: Ambiguous and better alternatives exist, see water=reservoir"
> So, is iD wrong to use this, or is the wiki incorrect?

  Wiki is incorrect. Even "creator" of "everything blue is
natural=water" agreed (in wiki discussion) that his scheme is in no
way superior to existing OSM water scheme and does not depreciate
established landuse=reservoir tag (and other tags like
waterway=riverbank etc.).
  And most importantly - mappers have "voted" with mapping more
landuse=reservoir (426 123) than water=reservoir (194 454) (even with
iD making it extremely hard for non experts to tag landuse=reservoir).

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