[OSM-talk] Dialects of English | Re: iD influencing tagging

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Wed Apr 10 09:24:32 UTC 2019

A better example might be "college", which has different meanings in
different dialects of English, or "gallon" or "football"

I don't think there is a solution this, except better localization of
software. Or we all just switch to Esperanto or Irish or something.

If you want real fun, just talk about "tabling an agenda item" 😈

On 08/04/2019 18:32, Yuri Astrakhan wrote:
> Martin, thanks for explanation, but my point still stands -- in tags, we 
> treat words not at their own meaning, but as IDs that represent some 
> agreed concepts.  The German wiki page has a warning about 
> "evangelical", so it is likely not all German-speaking mappers are aware 
> of the distinction, or know English well enough to know this.  The same 
> applies to highways - "highway" the word has different meaning in 
> different regions, whereas "highway" the OSM tag should have just a 
> single meaning that's clear to every mapper and every consumer.
> On Mon, Apr 8, 2019 at 3:50 AM Martin Koppenhoefer 
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>      > On 7. Apr 2019, at 22:23, Yuri Astrakhan <yuriastrakhan at gmail.com
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>      > A good example is "denomination=evangelical" -- German speakers
>     should not use it for "evangelisch" which stands for
>     denomination=protestant. The word may be the same, but we treat
>     "evangelical" as an ID for a specific meaning, rather than reflect
>     local language customs.
>     actually “evangelical” translates in German to “evangelikal”, which
>     doesn’t seem to be very confusing. Someone thinking it means
>     “evangelisch” is likely mapping in a domain s/he isn’t acquainted with.
>     Cheers, Martin 
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