[OSM-talk] Fw: FCC public documents license and submarine cables mapping

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i map what i see, in my own back yard (usa slang).  just wait and follow the boat, 

and then have mappers at both ends to see it 
come ashore.  it is like a road just because 

they say it will be built along a route, does not mean it will happen that way in the end.
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cables mapping
The linked document was filed by GN's attorneys, submitted to the FCC, not 
authored by the FCC. That said, the level of detail on the map is so small that 
I personally would deem any copying de minimus. 
On Sat, Apr 13, 2019, 11:30 PM Clifford Snow 
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>The US FCC should be public domain unless otherwise indicated. 
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>>Hi all,
>>Google is currently rolling out several submarine telecommunication 
>>    cable systems and Amercian FCC actually publishes application documents 
>>    describing them.
>>Such one regards the Dunant system between Virginia Beach and 
>>    Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez in France
>>As the application document shows maps of landings and global Atlantic 
>>    Ocean route, I'm technically able to add it to OSM as several other 
>>    submarine systems already exists there.
>>Are you aware of license issues regarding FCC documents which would 
>>    prevent us to take data from them?
>>All the best
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