[OSM-talk] We're erasing our history in wiki

Ilya Zverev ilya at zverev.info
Sun Apr 21 21:03:40 UTC 2019


In my research of API 0.6 (which turned ten years old yesterday) I've 
stumbled on this page:


It was deleted 7 years ago. And this is a disaster. The page was an 
important milestone in our history: authors, dates, items on it could 
bring some more information on how our current API was rolled out. 
Nothing is left.

Please, could we have a deletion policy in our wiki that clearly states 
"No obsolete pages here", forbidding deletion of anything except spam or 
otherwise harmful pages? Deleting our history is plain vandalism, no 
better than physically destroying pieces of human history displayed in 

It's not like we're pressed for disk space there.

Thank internet gods for the Internet Archive,

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