[OSM-talk] Proposed removal of rendering support for natural=marsh in Openstreetmap-carto style

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 04:06:19 UTC 2019

I've proposed removing the rendering of natural=marsh in
Openstreetmap-carto, the rendering stylesheet used for the "standard"
map layer on openstreetmap.org


The common tagging for a marsh is natural=wetland + wetland=marsh as
with other types of wetland.

According to the wiki, natural=marsh has not been recommended at least
since January 2009:
and since 2016 the page has specified that this tag is deprecated:

Since 2009, wetland=marsh has shown steadily increasing usage. It is
now used 130,000 times, compared to less than 10k remaining uses of

Please comment at github if there are any objections to this change or
other comments:

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