[OSM-talk] Survey on global and local communities in OpenStreetMap

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Thu Aug 8 10:17:42 UTC 2019

On Thursday 08 August 2019, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> > By speaking directly and publishing my responses i risk being
> > challenged and criticized personally.  While i don't mind this
> > there are definitely a lot of people who don't want or can't do
> > this.  And many of them probably would not mind their answers being
> > published anonymously.
> So essentially all you want is a fourth option in the initial
> "Permission" question that is called
> "Publicly, anonymized" ?

Yes, the logical choices that can be offered in a survey like this are 

* only allow publication of the statistically aggregated results (what 
you usually have in an analysis of surveys, like percentages).  For 
free form answers this requires subjective interpretation.

* allow anonymized publication of individual answers.  The anonymization 
happens by disconnecting the individual answers from each other so 
answers allowing the identification of a participants (like OSM user 
name) cannot be connected to other answers.  In addition identifying 
information could also be redacted from free form answers for 

* allow full publication of the raw data (which is not really necessary 
to provide as an option since this participants can easily do on their 

* optionally to either of these allow non-public dissemination of raw 
data to certain parties.

Christoph Hormann

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