[OSM-talk] Attribution guideline status update

Jóhannes Birgir Jensson joi at betra.is
Fri Aug 9 12:19:58 UTC 2019

I think we move in different mapper communities as "mapping for the reward of being recognized by external data users" has never even been on my list, or of those mappers I know, of reasons for why we map.

Of course everyones self-image is their own, so I don't know about your claim of there being a fundamental one for the whole community.

Just my 2 krónur.

-- /OSM: Stalfur

9. ágúst 2019 kl. 11:15, skrifaði "Christoph Hormann" <osm at imagico.de>:

> And frankly it also contradicts the fundamental self-image of the mapper 
> community. As has been discussed plenty of times the way geodata is 
> generated in OSM is fundamentally different from other geodata sources. 
> While elsewhere people generating geodata are almost always rewarded 
> for their work also in other form (like salery) in OSM the only 
> recognition mappers receive from external data users is the attribution 
> required by the license. Putting OSM on the same level as other data 
> providers like you do above is totally inappropriate.

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