[OSM-talk] Attribution guideline status update

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Aug 9 14:35:21 UTC 2019


I wonder if we could perhaps get rid of the "Contributors" mention

The term "OpenStreetMap Contributors" is the unwieldy; it just sounds
strange to say "this is a map made by OpenStreetMap contributors" when
what we really want to say is "this is OpenStreetMap". When translated
into German, you would have to say "OpenStreetMap-Beitragende" or, more
correctly, "Beitragende zu OpenStreetMap", which to the un-initiated
sounds a bit strange and kind of dilutes the OpenStreetMap brand by
adding things before or after. I am pretty sure that there are languages
where grammar in fact requires that the "contributors" be placed before
OSM (as in my "Beitragende zu OpenStreetMap" example) and where no
grammatically correct way exists to place OSM first.

I know, OpenStreetMap is not a legal entity and therefore cannot be said
to own the copyright. Then again, "(c) OpenStreetMap contributors" is
not technically correct either, as there are many ways in which you can
contribute to OSM, but only some of them will earn you a share of the
copyright in the map. Someone who contributes to OSM by giving us money,
or writing code, or organising meetups, is not part of the group that
holds the rights in the map.

I would find a simple "(c) OpenStreetMap" better, more snappy, more
recognizable than if we demand that the "contributors" are mentioned.


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