[OSM-talk] Announcing the Tabang-AI initiative

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Aug 10 09:52:35 UTC 2019


do I understand correctly that you and your local partners aim to
recruit new mappers to OSM, who will not learn the "old fashioned"
workflow of tracing stuff from imagery by hand, but be mainly taught to
work with pre-processed Facebook road data?

How will you ensure that your partners give those new mappers a training
that is good enough to know when to *not* trust the pre-processed AI
data? All too often people automatically assume that "the computer is
always right", and this would be especially the case in a mapathon setup
where time is limited. Will local new recruits be taught to amend the
raw machine-generated data with their own knowledge, like street names,
road classification, surface...?

I think that while it is good to have quality measures in place, recent
experience with mapathons of all sorts have shown that quality assurance
for newbie-contributed stuff takes approximately as many person-hours as
contributing the stuff in the first place. How will you ensure that you
do not generate more contributions than you can ensure the quality for?


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