[OSM-talk] Using OSM as database for nature park hiking routes?

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Wed Aug 14 12:00:29 UTC 2019

13 sie 2019, 22:17 od talk at openstreetmap.org:
> So they ask me about what kind of database they should use to work on
> this topic with QGIS and with the system of a specialized company.
> I got not much information till now, but from what I see so far, there
> is no need to keep a special database on those routes as all could be
> planted into OSM and that they do not need to buy themselves in a
> locked-up proprietary system.
What about system that they control
and is not proprietary or locked up?

It sounds like something that can be
stored in a simple database or evenin bunch of gpx/geojson/.osm files.

I would recommend some open storage
format that is simple and publishing
all datasets under permissible license
(CC0, ODBL?).

I would advise against OSM import
as necessary part of storing data
and using OSM as sole storage location.

What kind of proprietary 
would be useful here?
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