[OSM-talk] Overpass API - Fetching countries, their capitals, and their borders

Léo El Amri leo at superlel.me
Wed Aug 14 12:35:00 UTC 2019

On 14/08/2019 13:11, wambacher at posteo.de wrote:
> did you read my mail? My website is made for that, believe me.
> What do you need? Which countries? Up to which admin level? Which format
> (shp? json?)

Hi Walter,

Yes, I visited your website this morning. It is interesting on a
"analytic/analysis" stand-point, but in my case I'll have to do some
post-processing on the raw data and the definition of the project is not
yet set, so I'd prefer an in-house tool with full control on the
source-code and process of extraction.

In the end, I'm sure I'll need at least all countries of the world up to
the admin level 2 (With their capitals, if they have one (And aren't one
themselves)) and all the data associated with them on OSM.


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