[OSM-talk] Using OSM as database for nature park hiking routes?

Bernd Vogelgesang bernd.vogelgesang at gmx.de
Wed Aug 14 14:46:19 UTC 2019

Hi Dave and others,

thanks so far for your comments.
As I understood myself so far, the hiking routes in question are local
hiking routes which fulfil the "quality standards" of the nature park.

They are (mostly) marked already and maintained by local
volunteers/municipalities or not maintained at all. I think the goal of
the nature park is to help municipalities by setting up a regional
hiking routes network under the label of the nature park and co-finance
the infrastructure as information-panels of the local routes etc. And it
is not clear so far if really all municipalities have an interest in
this initiative at all.

A few of those local hiking routes are already tagged in OSM. These are
the boundaries of the nature park:

To be clear:
I do not have the job yet, I just need to find out if working somehow
with or within OSM will save time and resources and give a greater
benefit to anyone.
E.g. they already "digitized" the routes in really lousy quality (while
the roads and tracks are already in OSM in perfect quality), lots of
routes join the same ways e.g. in and around the villages (and are now
separate lines instead of relations on ways like in OSM)
Plus, there are all those already existing international and national
hiking routes crossing the area, which should not be ignored when
setting up own maps later.

So using OSM-data seems to be logical for me, the question is how to do
it in a clever way, and how to store back new informations in a
efficient way.

Thanks so far,Bernd

Am 14.08.19 um 15:20 schrieb Dave F:
> Bernd
> Could you post an OSM link to the nature park area?
> Yves
> Needs confirming, but from Bernd describing the walks as "their
> routes" I got the impression they were routes conceived by individual
> walkers rather than the park's authorities.
> DaveF
> On 14/08/2019 05:03, Yves wrote:
>> If these routes are endorsed in any way by a nature park, they're no longer completely informal or subjective...
>> Yves
>> Le 14 août 2019 05:19:56 GMT+02:00, Andrew Harvey<andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com>  a écrit :
>>> The hiking routes
>>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Hiking#Tagging_walking_and_hiking_Route_Networks
>>> added
>>> to OSM should be verifiable
>>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Verifiability.
>>> Talking from my experience, there are a lot of hiking paths, but only
>>> some
>>> are signposted routes, so only some can be actual routes in OSM.
>>> Because of
>>> that you would need to maintain all the other informal or subjective
>>> routes
>>> outside OSM, if there are any.
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