[OSM-talk] Document personal tags in Proposed_features/ space, User: space, or Tag:/Key: space?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Thu Aug 15 02:18:46 UTC 2019

[Posted to Talk + Tagging]:

Currently the section "Non proposed features" in the OSM wiki page
"Proposal_process" mentions that new tags should not be added to
"Map_Features" without discussion. Some users also believe that new
tags should not be documented under the feature wiki space with
"Key:New_feature" or "Tag:key=value" pages, but should instead be
documented in a User:username/ namespace or the Proposed_features/

In contrast, the current text of the wiki page "Any tags you like
suggests creating a new tag for bird nests (as an example) with
Key:endangered_nest=Siberian_flying_squirrel - besides suggesting
using non-standard capitalization in the value, this suggests creating
a new Key: / Tag: page directly, rather than using User:username/ or

Is this a good idea?  Occasionally new wiki pages are created in these
standard spaces for tags with only a few uses or no uses in the

I would encourage mappers not to create new feature pages for tags
which are not yet in use, or have only been used a handful of times by
one mapper. Instead, it would be good to clarify that the
Proposed_features/ namespace can be used even if the user has no
interest in continuing the proposal process. I though that new feature
pages should be created to document "in use" tags that have been used
by more than a handful of different mappers in more than a handful of

(You can also respond at

- Joseph Eisenberg

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