[OSM-talk] tagtransform for OSM - An effort make tagging and using OSM data easier; bridging different worlds together

Sören Reinecke tilmanreinecke at yahoo.de
Thu Dec 5 17:37:21 UTC 2019

Hey all,

I currently write a specification for tranforming tags in OpenStreetMap
to make life of all stakeholders easier. Different tagging schemes have
emerged since the existence of OpenStreetMap, same are existing in
parallel and a newer ones deprecated old ones. Data customers without
knowing the OSM community much get lost, mappers use deprecated tagging
schemes and newbies get overhelmed by the bunch of possibilities OSM
gives (they do not know exactly how to map). This project aims to help
developers and mappers who want to take advantage of/contribute to the
OpenStreetMap great database which is by the way a brilliant project.
This project can also help to make tagging in OSM more orthogonal and
more hassle free.

I saw conflicting interests between OSM community, OSM developers like
the iD developers and data customers. A renderer might need data in
another way as the community contributes. The community might need
another tagging scheme than a renderer. I thought how we can resolve
this, how we can get all sites on "one table" and that is the idea I
had come up with: A specification and scripts helping to preprocess
data for each group. But I hope to achieve in long term that the
community comes together with developers, approves the automatic
toggleable function "correcting tagging by means of the community" e.g.
A mapper is typing in `phone=+33 6156 785847887948950` but the
converted form `contact:phone=+33 6156 785847887948950` will appear in
database. This would make use of short-hands possible and makes life of
tagging easier.

> The project bridges different worlds and is therefore a bridge.
> As bridge this project should not just connect different worlds
> together and by ensuring peace between those but also support
> exchange between those to develop a social economy of  "send and
> receive" This project should support the "come together" of (OSM)
> developers and mappers.

A more readable version can be found here: 
and the principles can be found at 


Example 1: They want to have the phone number of a POI. There are some
problems with this:

    1. They need to know both contact:phone and phone to get them all.
    2. They need to support them both.
    3. They need to remove one in case both keys are mapped on one POI.
This really happens, see http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/OI2.

Example 2: They want to know how many POI's have changing tables
(general: facilities for changing a nappy of a baby). There are some
problems with this too:

    1. They need to know both changing_table and the deprecated diaper
to get them all.
    2. They need to support them both. Difficult because they're highly
different tagging schemes.
    3. They need to remove one in case both keys are mapped on one POI.
This really happens, see http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/OI5.

Example 3: They want to develop a mapping tool and want to correct
wrong typed in tags. There are some problems with that:

    1. They need to know all possible tagging schemes existing for one
purpose (e.g. mapping facilities for changing the nappy of a baby).
    2. They need to know the right/approved/more logical scheme.
    3. They need to know how to convert:


    becomes after the transformation:



Basically it bridges the OSM community and developers together, it
might even resolve the conflict between iD developers and the

I want to hear your opinions on this and also feel not to shame to ask
questions. My answers will be part of the clarification of the project
"tagtransform for OSM".


S??ren Reinecke alias ValorNaram

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