[OSM-talk] Reordering and rewriting Good Practice wiki page

Jmapb jmapb at gmx.com
Thu Jul 4 19:54:37 UTC 2019

On 7/4/2019 12:40 AM, Warin wrote:
> On the order of things.
> Best to tell them what to do first. This provides some motivation.
> Leave 'what not to do' for last, these tend to turn people away.
> So I would do:
> 1    One feature, one OSM element
> 2    Good changeset comments (+Keep the history)
> 3    Editing Standards: (Align aerial imagery before tracing, Do not
> trace from outdated imagery... Keep straight ways straight ... Mark
> estimations with FIXME ... etc.)
> 4    Do correct errors
> 5    Verifiability (+Map what's on the ground, Don't map: historic
> events, temporary features, local legislation etc)
> 6    Document your custom-tags (Don't remove tags that you don't
> understand...
> 7    Don't map for the renderer (+ Don't misuse name tag)

I'd personally advocate for one more "don't" -- But it can be phrased as
a "do" if that helps the psychology:

"Try to keep changesets to a manageable size, both in number of changes
and geographical scope."

I believe this is commonly understood best practice, but it's only
vaguely documented.


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