[OSM-talk] Proposal for a revision of JA:Available Data

石野貴之 yumean1119 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 03:22:26 UTC 2019

Hello, everyone. I'm from Okayama, Japan.

"What kind of data can be used in OpenStreetMap?"
Our community has put together common understandings about the issue on the
following page. (written in Japanese)

Recently, Tomoya Muramoto (user:muramototomoya) proposed for a revision of
this guidline.

The table on JA:Available_Data says that we can use data on websites, such
as names, addresses and phone numbers
because they are not copyrighted works but facts. However, Tomoya is
against such a point of view.
He thinks that licences for these data are not ODbL-compatible and that we
should refrain from using them.

We have unanimously agreed that websites which provide secondary
information, including Wikipedia, Wikidata
and curation sites must not be used for sources.

The main point at issue is whether we are allowed to use official websites
that provide primary information or not.
Some of us think that we can use data from official websites unless it is
prohibited by their term of service.
Tomoya is also against using official websites. His opinion is that we
would able to map POIs without surveying on the ground at all
if it was OK to use data from websites.
https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-ja/2019-June/010604.html )

We agreed that this is about on the basis of OSM and the discussion should
not be brought to an end in the Japanese community.

What do you think about the issue? We would like to hear your honest

Thank you.

Takayuki Ishino (User: yumean1119)
yumean1119 at gmail.com
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