[OSM-talk] Map of Population Density vs. OpenStreetMap density

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Mon Jul 8 11:50:58 UTC 2019

Excelent and inteligent initiative Darafei.
Measuring "density of OSM data" per "Population density" is a powerful metric to analyse where is it lacking more mapping in OSM.
It's a nice effort to minimize "inequality" in OSM map.
(for more info, see "World Inequality Database" at https://wid.world/world)

I've did that metric for Brazil in 2017, "Demography in Brazil to help mapping in OSM", at:
It helped me much to find places lacking mapping.
Everytime I just take a fast look at the highlighted places int that map, I've actualy found undermapped places, lacking roads mostly.

These metrics lead to view two aspects:
a) By one hand, the world is in a fast urbanizing process. People more and more migrate to bigger cities, looking for better jobs, services, better life.
According to United Nations report, "68% (2/3) of the world population projected to live in urban areas by 2050" (UN 2018-05-16 - https://www.un.org/development/desa/en/news/population/2018-revision-of-world-urbanization-prospects.html).
So, it's generally expected to have a lot of irregular setlements to map in broader urban areas. Even benig irregular, millions of people live in such places.
b) By the other hand, people remaining in country sides become more alone (many times old people), living far away from good public services and enough incomes, broadly unassisted. So also important to map their accessibility.

Don't matter with objections for too much fine precision on demography.
That metric anyway gives much more reasonable focus than usual over&under-concentrated mapping done in OSM.
Nice, keep going, publish it.

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