[OSM-talk] Way to delete buildings added by specific user, or help reverting?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Jul 8 21:20:40 UTC 2019

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> On 8. Jul 2019, at 22:24, Andreas Vilén <andreas.vilen at gmail.com> wrote:
> I looked at the picture provided and it’s really not acceptable mapping imo. If the user can’t be arsed to draw the proper outlines, it’s better to just copy and paste a building node. I would be pretty pissed if someone did this were I map as the cleanup takes longer than mapping it from scratch

I agree, this isn’t acceptable mapping. For some usecases it may still be sufficient, but it is clearly substandard and casts a bad light on the overall image. There is no doubt, Joe Mapper will not find it sufficient or appealing. IMHO we should try to explain that we prefer fewer data but entered with more care.

Cheers, Martin 

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