[OSM-talk] [Osmf-talk] Anyone who likes to organize an ID discussion panel at SotM?

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Tue Jun 4 11:14:25 UTC 2019


> reading the discussions about the direction of ID development and how
> the community wants the ID at the OSM website I had the idea that there
> could perhaps be a panel at SotM. Does anyone want to organize an ID
> discussion panel at SotM? Please tell me or us (program committee in CC)
> and we can consider it. At the moment it would be sufficient to have
> someone (or more) who wants to organize it. All details could be defined
> later.

I volunteer to run of birds-of-a-feather on
"New processes to agree on tagging suggestions and their interaction
with the editing software available on openstreetmap.org"
(Feel free to shorten th title as you see fit).

I do not think that a tribunal on iD is helpful to anyone. Nonetheless,
mappers (and data users) would like to easily find what common sense is
for each kind of object. There is only limited support for the current
wiki and mailing list model. iD's approach earned backlash as well.

I do have 3 to 5 ideas how to lining out common sense of tagging could
be improved. I will not tell them right now: I highly value my
audience's attention, and half-baked ideas waste that precious resource.
Working on them right now, a couple of days before the SotM-FR,
jeopardizes my contribution to that conference and would waste the
attention of the audience there.

I instead suggest to collect ideas with deadline 1st of September. I
commit to present my ideas then and invite everyone to do so as well (on
this list, the wiki, or the forum, other channels if known and openly
available). This gives people not attending the conference better
chances to get involved.

That preparation ensures that we end up with one (or more) deliverables
that can be worked on. This is also the reason to prefer the BoF over a
panel discussion. I am unable to organize a panel discussion in a way
such that it produces a deliverable.

Some keywords to foster hope that there is a way forward:
- Changeset discussions as a social feature have widespread acclaim
- The "Any-Tag-You-Like" principle accompanies and serves OpenStreetMap
since more than a decade
- IETF's "Rough consensus" (RFC7282) has built the internet
- many tools already facilitate to make evidence based decisions,
   e.g. Taginfo in general and Taginfo's list of tag usage

Best regards,


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