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My personal view is if you are cutting and pasting in JOSM it is not an
import as such.

Cheerio John

On Fri, 31 May 2019, 1:50 pm Shrinivasan T, <tshrinivasan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the replies.
> I understand that if name:ta tag and its value is available, it is
> enough to build Tamil maps.
> But, the issue we face is there is not enough name:ta values.
> [out:json][timeout:3600][bbox:12.9201721,80.1238331,13.2401721,80.4438331];(node["railway"]["name"~"."]["name:ta"!~"."];);out
> meta;
> The above is the query for my city railways that dont have tamil
> translations.
> Check the json result here.
> http://overpass-api.de/api/interpreter?data=%5Bout%3Ajson%5D%5Btimeout%3A3600%5D%5Bbbox%3A12.9201721%2C80.1238331%2C13.2401721%2C80.4438331%5D%3B%28node%5B%22railway%22%5D%5B%22name%22~%22.%22%5D%5B%22name%3Ata%22%21~%22.%22%5D%3B%29%3Bout%20meta%3B
> Like this, we have tons and tons of POIs, Roads, Ways that are only in
> english.
> Now, we have to translate all these strings to Tamil.
> For translation, I got few contributors, who can translation if give
> the exact content in a excel sheet or in some translation system.
> They are not willing to explore osm, jsom, overpass query etc for
> translating the strings.
> Hence, I am thinking of myself query osm, get name strings that done
> have "name:ta" tag, populate them as a google sheet, share the
> translators for translating.
> Once they did, I will import the strings to osm with name:ta tag.
> To make the translator's job easier, I do a google or bing or wikidata
> or some machine translation, so that they can skip the correct one.
> They can only fix the wrong translations.
> The license of translated text will be public domain. so that we can
> use for any purpose.
> Hope I explained the plan.
> My Questions.
> Is mass importing of translated strings accepted?
> Do I have to get permission before importing?
> Where to ask for permission?
> Is there any rate limit for importing strings via programming like x
> strings per day or per min etc.
> Thanks.
> Shrini
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