[OSM-talk] Updates to DigitalGlobe Imagery Layers

Kevin Bullock kevinbullock10 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 03:15:36 UTC 2019

DigitalGlobe, now Maxar [1], is transitioning the OpenStreetMap imagery endpoints (from “DigitalGlobe Standard” to “Maxar Standard”; and from “DigitalGlobe Premium” to “Maxar Premium”). OSM users should see content parity between the old and the new layers by June 30, 2019. Starting July 1, 2019, there will be only two Maxar layers available from within the OSM editors – labeled with Beta.

Our new imagery services use http/2 protocol. Please note that there are some known speed issues with the JOSM editor. A JOSM plugin for http/2 support is expected before the end of July (ticket #17861). In the meantime, increasing the concurrent connections (e.g. to 20) will help. iD editor already supports http/2.

The good news: imagery will be more recent and more frequently updated with our latest Maxar mosaic content. We hope that our improved production processes (bundle block adjustment, atmospheric compensation, continuous updates, etc.) will benefit OSM contributors.

As always, thanks to everyone within OSM for all your support and feedback. Shout out to the maintainers and contributors for iD and JOSM who have been fantastic to work with. Look for Maxar at State of the Map and State of the Map US; we will be attending and presenting more information on this new image service. And please feel free to send us feedback. Happy editing!

[1] https://www.maxar.com/

Thank you, Kevin
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