[OSM-talk] iD forces mistagging again

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Sat Jun 29 08:53:13 UTC 2019

29 Jun 2019, 08:11 by tomasstraupis at gmail.com:

> Hi
>  I've noticed that iD started forcing people to retag waterbodies
> from original OpenStreetMap scheme like landuse=reservoir to new'er,
> less popular and in no way better scheme:
> natural=water+water=reservoir (and similar).
(1) Have you (or someone else) tried making issue on iD bugtracker requesting revert
and explaining why it should be done? Even assuming that it is unwanted, there is no
good reason to start from tagging list mail

(2) I see significant benefit of natural=water + water=*
This way one may display water with simply looking for natural=water
rather than multiple separate values. And I would not describe using
landuse=reservoir for reservoir water area as a desirable tagging.

>  What can be done about it?
see (1)

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