[OSM-talk] iD forces mistagging again

Tomas Straupis tomasstraupis at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 11:02:36 UTC 2019

2019-06-29, št, 13:38 Christoph Hormann rašė:
>>   This is your personal opinion.
> No, that is a statement of fact.  If this is a good reason for choosing
> a certain tagging over another is a matter of opinion.

  When somebody simply says "I think this is better" - it is a
subjective opinion.
  For it to be a fact (or more correctly expressed "objectively true")
you need some objective criteria.
  "It is cool that everything blue is natural=water" is not an
objective criteria, because say lake and basin/pond are VERY different
and have different usage for both data analysis as well as

>>   Opinion of OpenStreetMap community
>> is expressed by those who map - in the data.
> And it is clear from the data that both tagging schemes enjoy widespread
> support.

  ? landuse=reservoir is used two times more. And if iD would not be
forcing people to use new scheme (by not giving a choice) and now
retaging to the new scheme, this ratio could be different.

> The situation is actually much more balanced for reservoirs than for
> waterway=riverbank vs. water=river where pushing for the latter is much
> more questionable.  In other words:  You are kind of "barking up the
> wrong tree" here.

  I'm against changing ANY of original OpenStreetMap water tagging. I
was given no good reason or benefit why I or any other data consumer
should rewrite everything what is already done just because someone
says "I think it is better". For somebody it is simply writing some
comments, but for others it is writing harder stuff, testing,
educating etc.
  Ad extremum example: anyone for changing "highway" key to something
more appropriate? <<< NOT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY :-)

> There are many reasons why preset decisions of iD deserve a critical
> look.  Choosing one of two widely accepted and widely used tagging
> schemes not exclusively based on absolute use numbers or structural
> conservativism (which was there first) is not one of them.

  I'm currently only asking to stop iD from breaking existing stuff.


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