[OSM-talk] Mali

Jean-Marc Liotier jm at liotier.org
Sun Jun 30 23:43:08 UTC 2019

On 2019-06-30 19:12, john whelan wrote:
> The first major concern is  "Working for a mapping project with Apple." 
the concern here is paid mappers and the quality of their work.

To be fair to the Apple-paid guys, one of them did a beautiful job with
waterways. I haven't looked at other contributions, but that one is very
good quality.

> The second is there are a fair number of imports of varying quality. 
Most schools I suspect are fairly accurate but it would be nice to tie
the node to a building or an area.

It would be nice but it requires survey, so it will not be done at any
useful rate, for lack of locals. We talked about the Mali schools before -
the UNICEF import is a sad dead-end.

> I think there is sufficient infrastructure in Africa three days for
local mappers.  Smartphones are becoming more common and so is an
Internet connection albeit driven by social media.

Even residential connexions are billed by volume and mobile data is a
scarce commodity - it remains a sufficient obstacle to filter out anyone
who is not highly motivated. Part of the draw of mapathons is the free
wi-fi that too many participants use for many other purposes beside some
> My impression is there would be an economic advantage, larger cities
already have street names.  Could someone do a PhD in the subject which
might well mean a bit more government.  My personal view is some things
are best done by governments.  Highways for example.

Of course the government has the street names - locked away in some dead
GIS. They'll publish them after they see that Openstreetmap has a more
complete set !

> Interestingly some of the changesets are tagged "untangling the
spaghetti" and I have sympathy with that mapper.

Thanks - at least someone reads my changeset comments...

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