[OSM-talk] Windows, end users and OpenStreetMap suggestions please

John Whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 20:09:08 UTC 2019

Looking at it there are technical solutions that would work but they all 
require some expertise.

Probably OSMand under an Android emulator would be the simplest for an 
end user to use and even then I find some of the functionality of OSMand 
difficult to use sometimes.

For native Windows 10 use off line Maperitive I think takes the candle 
but the syntax required to say find me the supermarkets in this off line 
map and let me scroll through them means the user interface is not as 
simple as it could be.  Also the focus of the search changes its 
characteristics as you scroll through the list.

If you have a reasonable Internet connection available then the web 
solutions work reasonable well but I was really after something like iD 
that would work off line.

Many thanks for the input for the moment I think the solution that 
requires the least technical knowledge is a printed map.

Cheerio John

Andy Townsend wrote on 2019-03-05 1:45 PM:
> If you're looking for something offline, then one of the Garmin 
> options might work.  Whilst they're primarily designed to complement 
> Garmin devices (handholds, satnavs, etc.) you could just use them 
> standalone, load OSM data in and just search for stuff.
> There are plenty of Garmin /GPS forums on the Web so you can get an 
> idea of what's available.  As for licensing, you'd need to check what 
> the requirements are - I've always had a Garmon handheld of some sort 
> to use them with. As for compatibility, even the oldest ("Mapsource") 
> still runs on Windows 10, so there shouldn't be a problem there.
> Another option is one of the many "Android on PC" options - Sidesync 
> in the Samsung world (also perhaps look at DeX), and also Vysor etc. 
> elsewhere.  iOS on PC options also exist (at a price).
> Best Regards,
> Andy

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