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> On 9. Mar 2019, at 15:27, Jack Armstrong Dancer at sprynet.com <jacknstacy at sprynet.com> wrote:
> When I tag an animal attraction at a zoo, I use the tags, for example, tourism=attraction, attraction=animal, animal=lion.
> However, on the wiki page; Tag: tourism=zoo, a user is directed to use, for example, name=African Elephant.

it is kind of a shortcut, generally what we tag is not just the animal but the compound for the animal. IMHO tourism=attraction for all kind of animal compounds in a zoo is born from tagging for the renderer, which is still ongoing in many places. E.g. here you can see a beach with the name polar bear (11 years ago) which has meanwhile become a bare rock with the same name

for me attraction=animal is ok as a tag for an (implicit) compound in a zoo (used 11.5k times), although it has issues as it doesn’t allow to distinguish animals in a cage from those running around “freely”, or the type of enclosure (e.g. aviary), but tourism=attraction on every single item seems overkill. 

To tag the kind of animal in the compound, we could reuse the tags from plant tagging (“species” / “taxon”, localized if desired). With the name I would refer to the compound, e.g. “elephant enclosure” , “ape house”

Ciao, Martin 
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