[OSM-talk] HOT and the OSMF

Jean-Marc Liotier jm at liotier.org
Tue Mar 26 20:37:51 UTC 2019

On 3/26/19 8:31 PM, john whelan wrote:
> Apparently I'm the mapper who is the 4th in Mali and currently I do 
> not map for HOT.
> HOT does not have a monopoly in Mali.

Yes - rural Mali in Openstreetmap owes a lot to you. I'm the one who is 
first on that list (I'm more a urban mapping sort or person), I'm not 
HOT and neither is the second (someone on an Apple project - he did nice 
work on the riverbanks). The three of us represent two thirds of all map 
changes in Mali in the last two months.

Anyway, we are foreigners.

The locals on the other hand, a very large portion or which (among the 
top 20 people alone, I estimate 7 people, reaching around 19% of all 
changes, mostly buildings <muffled sobs>) are socially connected to 
Nathalie Sidibé, who sits on the HOT board. The #Hotosm tagged and 
tasking-manager coordinated changes are only the visible part. 
Francophonie-connected people have led some significant efforts in the 
past, but HOT's comparatively large budget goes a long way in those 
parts - in terms of social reach.

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