[OSM-talk] Hikar - OSM augmented reality for walkers - now covering whole Europe, with virtual signposts

Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Fri Mar 29 16:12:14 UTC 2019


Just a quick announcement that I have just released the latest version (0.2.0) of "Hikar", my augmented reality app for walkers and hikers showing footpaths and signposts on the camera feed.

Main changes are that it now covers the whole of Europe (thanks to affordable hosting by Hetzner) and also features virtual signposts pointing the way to nearby points of interest.

It's available on Google Play at


and source code is available at


A few caveats, for example you won't get a perfect match between the real-world and OSM data due to GPS inaccuracies (both device and surveyed path), it's battery intensive and doesn't have a really nice UI (though is usable for navigation).

Also note that it's unlikely to work effectively in large cities (e.g. London, Paris) due to sheer volume of data. It's aimed more at countryside use or smaller cities and towns.

It appears stable from testing but do let me know any crashes/bugs, including the lat/lon the crash occurred (this will help debugging immensely), either via


or via email hikar.ar at gmail.com.

It requires 4.2+ but for an unknown reason will not work on the Amazon Fire HD 10.



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