[OSM-talk] iD invents nosquare=yes for buildings which should not be squared

Yves yvecai at mailbox.org
Thu May 9 21:23:55 UTC 2019

Not the first time tagging is bent to editor's will, but this one is gross.

Le 9 mai 2019 22:14:31 GMT+02:00, Michael Reichert <osm-ml at michreichert.de> a écrit :
>this could be seen as a tagging discussion but I think that it is a
>discussion on governance and power. That's why this email goes to the
>Talk mailing list.
>Quincy Morgan, one of the maintainers of iD, invented a new tag called
>nosquare=yes today which should be added to buildings which are not
>square and should not be flagged by iD's validator. I (and later Paul
>Norman) pointed out issues with the tag. I asked Quincy to discuss the
>addition with the wider community beforehand.
>Here are the issues I pointed out in the bugtracker. At the beginning
>planned to use square=no which he later changed to nosquare=yes but
>change does not make things better:
>> Although noname=yes is common, it is not that common that it can
>serve as an argument in favour of introducing unsquare=yes. In
>difference to noexit=yes, unsquare=yes and noname=yes only serve as a
>workaround for quality assurance tools. noexit=yes also conveys
>information for map users: There road ends here.
>> Some people prefer to tag as complete as possible and add oneway=no,
>cycleway=no, lit=no etc. to any way. However, such a practice is not
>base on a broad consensus and if you dig deep enough in the history of
>user blocks in OSM, you might find blocks set due to an excessive use
>of negative binary tags.
>> I think that iD does not need this tag and should only validate
>buildings if they have been added or modified in the current session.
>If doing so, they will be reported once which does not bother that
>> Adding such a tag is not a simple change as it might seem to be and I
>ask you to discuss it with the broader community on the Tagging mailing
>What do you think? Should the next version of iD be deployed on
>Best regards
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