[OSM-talk] Remove validation rule asking to add highway=footway to railway/public_transport=platform

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Mon May 27 15:51:31 UTC 2019

On Monday 27 May 2019, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> >
> > it seems clear to me that any tool that leads mappers to
> > unconsciously perform automated edits could and should be blocked
> > from write access to the API and accordingly should not be
> > available on osm.org.
> I guess that in cases where it's a widely accepted community decision
> instead of "fuck you stinking mailing list pseudo community, I'll do
> what I please and anyway my friends all like it", it can be
> acceptable. AFAIK many editors for example silently drop "created-by"
> and didn't hear anyone complain about that.

There is of course a difference between silently dropping obsolete tags 
evidently containing no geographic information when editing a feature 
anyway and actively modifying features the mapper has not touched in 
their fundamental semantics.  As already hinted i know too little about 
how iD works to specifically say something about how it fits in here.

I don't think a mechanical edit should be considered acceptable without 
discussion because it is obviously beneficial.  If that is the case the 
discussion can be short but it still should happen - if for no other 
reason than as a safety check to avoid errors.

Christoph Hormann

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