[OSM-talk] OpenTrailView 360 - StreetView-like application for hikers

Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Fri May 31 11:45:00 UTC 2019


Some of you are probably aware that way back in 2010 I started developing OpenTrailView , which aims to be a StreetView-like web application but focusing on off-road routes such as hiking trails, with crowd-sourced panoramas.

Recently, due to the increasing availability of 360 cameras and the appearance of mature panorama APIs (e.g. Pannellum) and client-side routing APIs (GeoJSON Path Finder) I have restarted work on OpenTrailView and did an initial presentation at FOSDEM 2019 back in February.

Since then I have done further work and OpenTrailView, while still incomplete, is in a state where I believe it's ready to start receiving contributions.

It's available at


You can get an idea of how it allows you to 'walk' along OSM ways by navigating in the default area (Southampton Common). There are also some panoramas available close to Fernhurst, West Sussex (lat 51.05, lon -0.72). There's a Nominatim search available if you switch to 'map' mode (see the map icon).

If you signup and then login, you can contribute your own 360 panos. Obviously follow the usual privacy considerations (no faces, no car number plates) - panos will be moderated before they go live to ensure they do not have any privacy violations amongst other things.

The key thing about this version is that it will use underlying OSM data to auto-connect panoramas. This was not done on any previous version.

However, note that while the site will accept panos anywhere in the world, at present, the auto-connection facility will only work in *Europe* plus Turkey (I am using the Europe Geofabrik extract), as my server currently only stores European data. Nonetheless I have had a possible offer of helping with hosting costs so expansion to the entire world could well happen soon.

The maps provided are rather basic, showing only highways, coastlines and a few selected POIs, this is due to server capacity constraints. If anyone is aware of a tile server I can use legitimately as a replacement, without violating the usage policy, please let me know.

In similar style to OSM, panos will be copyright 'OTV360 contributors' and licensed under CC-by-SA. IANAL but this seems to be the most common practice.

Do remember once again that this is an unfinished product but it is now in a state where I believe it is of interest to contributors.

Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/nickw1/opentrailview/



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