[OSM-talk] Tagging Governance

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Tue Sep 10 15:56:03 UTC 2019


BTW I'm not saying that it is always clear when a "good idea" is
actually controversial or that you and Quincy are not subject to
multiple forces pulling or pushing in opposite directions, but the only
solution can be to escalate such issues to a wider audience before
implementation, when that is or becomes clear. Widely harmless current

Am 10.09.2019 um 17:12 schrieb Bryan Housel:
>>> The decisions we make in iD with the tags are mostly because 1.
>>> someone asked us to in a ticket or pull request, and we try to give
>>> people what they want..  or 2. we are trying to solve an actual
>>> problem - for example, the explicit tagging of piers and platforms
>>> came from us trying to detect routing islands (we rolled this back
>>> when people complained).  
>> Well that is a -slight- simplification of what happened. We can
>> partially follow it here
>> https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/issues/6409#issuecomment-494888256
>> Except that we don't even know why in the end the changes were reverted,
>> insight? External pressure? Or what? Obviously it wasn't just people
>> complaining or else it would have been far earlier.
> I said why here:
> https://github.com/openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website/pull/2267

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