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Here's another example by Uber. They attribute the tiles visibly, not 
OSM... how can we measure if it's 50% OSM? we can't 
https://movement.uber.com/cities?lang=en-US test in multiple cities 
around the world and compare side by side with OSM. clearly more than 
50%. Not to mention they mix all the attribution no matter which city 
you are viewing.

Às 15:37 de 09/09/2019, Mateusz Konieczny escreveu:
> 9 Aug 2019, 10:41 by simon at poole.ch:
>      consolidate all attribution guidance in to one document
> Thanks for work on that!
> Unfortunately proposed version contains
> major loophole that will be deliberately
> exploited by organisation like Facebook
> or Maps.me or Mapbox that describe
> OSM data as their own.
> "If OpenStreetMap data accounts for a minority (less than 50%) part of 
> the visible map rendering, attribution with other sources on a 
> separate page that is visible after user interaction is acceptable."
> In basically any readable map less that 50% of
> visible map rendering is using OSM data
> or can be trivially modified to do it.
> For example - claim that land area is not
> from OSM data but default map state
> or use alternative data for land boundaries.
> ----
> Note that claim that this companies* will
> use ridiculous loopholes is not prediction,
> they are doing it already or simply lying.
> Mapbox representative explicitly claimed in
> mail to me that hiding attribution behind i
> buttons fulfills ODBL requirements.
> FB and mapsme ignored multiple reports
> about their attribution violation.
> *and other, but in this cases I reported their
> illegal use of work of OSM mappers and got
> ignored.​
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