[OSM-talk] Joining State of the Map Working Group

Christine Karch christine at hermione.de
Tue Sep 17 14:18:30 UTC 2019


State of the Map is coming up this weekend. Are you as enthusiastic for
SotM as we are? And are you attending SotM in Heidelberg?

State of the Map working group is always looking for volunteers. Use
your stay at Heidelberg as a chance to look around and to think about
how you could help organizing SotM. What are the tasks that you would
like to do? What would you do differently? Imagine what has to be done
before such a conference. Is there something you would like to do?

Let us know what your interests are. In which way you could support the
working group. Approach us during the conference if you want to know more.

See you in Heidelberg!

State of the Map Working Group

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