[OSM-talk] mapbox, (Changeset Analyzer), whodidit

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 05:51:20 UTC 2019

On 24/09/19 12:42, 80hnhtv4agou--- via talk wrote:
>   What are these for anyway, other than stalking ?,

There are lots of tools to find things in OSM.
I use some of them to find my own errors!
They might be used to find out who changed something.
What each is intended for may not be all it can be used for.

> I find somebody is following my every changeset I add, and delete's or 
> re edits it his way,
> to match the other edits he has done of the same type.

Have you placed comments on the changeset that deleted your entry?
Have you placed comments on the changeset that altered your entry?

These are publicly viewable. If they fail to respond there are further steps that can be taken.

Impossible for me form an opinion as to which of you could be more correct that the other, sometimes it is a matter of view point.


I too follow some mappers..

For example one mapper saw anything going under a bridge as also being in a tunnel and started to add tags for tunnels to all objects going under any bridge.
They also did other things that were not, in my view, right. And yes I placed changeset comments on there entries. Never had a response from them.
Other people have also placed comments on there entries too.. still no response.

So I keep a watchful eye on these mappers from time to time.

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