[OSM-talk] Birthplace of artist - how to map with Wikidata?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Sep 25 09:51:51 UTC 2019


I passed a building today that had a plaque saying that a famous writer
was born there ("on the first floor of this house") in 1901.

I could add a note to the building in OSM (but that would not be machine
readable), or I could add a separate object for the plaque, again with a
note tag. But I think that this particular information is perhaps a bit
too much for OSM. Perhaps it would be better to model this in Wikidata.

But how? The building itself is nothing of note. I guess that if I
wanted to express "person P was born in building B" in Wikidata, I would
have to create a representation of B in Wikidata, and could *then* link
to B in Wikidata from the OSM building. But this item representing B in
wikidata would be totally featureless (linked FROM osm, and linked FROM
from the author's entry, but not itself linking anywhere, nor having any
properties other than "is a building"). Is that even possible, or would
it quickly be deleted in wikidata as not making sense on its own?


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