[OSM-talk] Wording (was: Re: From the SotM: tagging session)

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Mon Sep 30 15:02:10 UTC 2019


I'm happy to help out understanding the report of the discussion session.

>> It has been a talking point that the wiki should be purely descriptive.
>> There is no objection that people sort out tagging questions in the
>> wiki, but the mixture of purely descriptive and as normative intended
>> pages would cause confusion.
> By "normative" do you mean prescriptive?

I do mean "normative".

I have considered to use the pair of notions "descriptive -
prescriptive", but there is potential to confuse the terms on
superficial reading. I also understand "prescriptive" to have a
derogative connotation, and I do not intend to express that.

For the pair of notions "positive - normative" the meaning (according to
e.g. Wikipedia
) is:

   normative - How something should be
   positive - How something actually is

That is exactly the meaning as settled on in the discussion: the purpose
of the wiki documentation was to tell how the tagging is used. However,
given that "positive" is a very general term, I have used the pair
"descriptive - normative".

Best regards,


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