[OSM-talk] I’m running for OSMF board and I’ve set up office hours for questions

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Dec 2 23:44:53 UTC 2020


On 12/2/20 23:09, Mateusz Konieczny via talk wrote:
>     FB’s attribution to OSM is available to any viewer in a place that
>     is commonly associated with attribution.
> Barely visible icon that must be clicked is not a standard place for
> attribution.

Agree with Mateusz, and I'm just flabbergasted how someone can kick our
license in the groin and have the audacity to ask for the community to
thank them for it with a board seat, where they will be tasked with
upholding values they apparently don't share.

If Mike Migurski at least had the decency to say: "Yeah, my employer
sucks with attribution, I know, and I'm trying to get it fixed." I
wouldn't believe him but at least he'd say something that is ok. But
instead he says "y'all suck with your baseless ideas of attribution,
please vote for me."

Anyone who thinks that, once elected, Mike will put OSM's interests
before those of Facebook because that's his job as a board member, think
twice. People have thought the same about Donald Trump - yeah, this
whole grab-them-by-the-pussy talk is just showmanship and once elected
he'll be more presidential. But don't be fooled. Mike is going to grab
our licence by the pussy just as he promised he would, and he's being
paid a fine salary for that from one of the most disturbing mega-corps
on the planet.


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