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> Dec 3, 2020, 00:44 by frederik at remote.org:
> People have thought the same about Donald Trump - yeah, this
> whole
> I think that form of this is very unfortunate and references
> to Trump and genitalia could be dropped without losing anything.
> This really have not added anything useful and this insults
> were problematic. Especially as the same could be expressed
> without comparing such actions to rape (implied rape?).

Mateusz, have a second read what Stevea wrote, because he put it very well
why sometimes it may be appropriate to use strong terms: "However,
sometimes, as when we have abusive, naked aggression inside of (sometimes
at the very top of!) institutions, we must call out such atrocious
behavior.  We call it out to say “we will not stand for this.”  Sometimes,
colorful language is used to draw attention to this.  Sometimes, because
people either are not fully aware of this in their experience, wish to turn
away from looking at evil, or because they are part of those who "say
nothing about bad men” (in the sense of John Stuart Mill’s quote, while
"good men...look on and do nothing") the very nature of nasty, disingenuous
people who mislead, lie, deceive, do not recuse, demand unwarranted
loyalty, refuse to play by the rules, “stack the (court, Board)," slander…
must be so vividly brought to light that strong and colorful language IS

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