[OSM-talk] Testing torrents for the planet dump

Christian Quest cquest at openstreetmap.fr
Sun Feb 9 15:17:48 UTC 2020

A couple of weeks ago, I've (re) started sharing planet dump files using 
Bittorrent to test an alternative way to distribute our planet dumps to 
reduce the bandwidth load on the OSMF servers.

Here is a short summary after 2 weeks tests...

The torrents are generated a few hours after the planet dump 
availability on planet.openstreetmap.org server (time needed to download 
the original file to generate the torrent).

I'm seeding it from a couple of servers which allows to spread the dump 
file faster. Seeding is also done thru the original https link and main 
mirrors (this is the "web seed" feature supported by some bittorrent 

After the initial seed, downloading the planet file can be as short as 
30/40mn if you have a good downlink. After 3 days, there's currently 15 
seeds, allowing event faster or more balanced downloads (just did one in 
only 15mn).

If you have downloaded the planet dump using the torrent or plan to do 
so or want to test it, please share your results on the wiki discussion: 

The torrents are located at https://osm.cquest.org/torrents/

Christian Quest - OpenStreetMap France

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