[OSM-talk] international project communication (was: names of international objects)

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 04:02:30 UTC 2020

> 3. (b) should be rendered on openstreetmap.org with its English name (both are independent of each other).

The place to discuss that particular question is:


In particular:

Request to render Oceans/Seas:

Related to Bays/Straits:

Joseph Eisenberg

On 1/13/20, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> so we've heard a broad range of opinions here, and no doubt many things
> have been said that will with pleasure be pulled out of context in years
> to come, proving how unwelcoming OSM is to anyone who doesn't submit to
> the diktat of English.
> I would like to stress:
> 1. You do not need English for normal everyday participation in
> OpenStreetMap. Our website and editors are translated into dozens of
> languages, and regionally you can do your mapping in your language
> without having to discuss with anyone from another country or continent.
> In fact, if you are local to a place, your local knowledge will trump
> that of overseas English-speakers in 10 of 10 cases.
> 2. By nature, once things require agreement between different groups
> speaking different languages, a pragmatic solution needs to be found
> that allows people from these groups to communicate. By default, this
> will be English; though if the involved parties agree to use a different
> language that's just fine.
> 3. It is a valid question whether something like a body of water
> bordered by 5 countries, none of which uses English, (a) should have a
> name tag with an English name in it, and (b) should be rendered on
> openstreetmap.org with its English name (both are independent of each
> other).
> 4. This is not a matter that should be driven by zealotry; we need to be
> pragmatic here. If a decision is made to change something, it might make
> sense to decide on "phasing something out" and "phasing something else
> in", or decide to make a change at a later date, so that map style
> makers etc. could prepare adequately.
> 5. The usual language on this list is English. If you cannot use English
> but want to make an important point, post in your language and we'll
> make an effort to understand, or those who share your language will
> translate. If you *can* use English but don't use it because you want to
> make the point that the reliance on English is giving an unfair
> advantage to those who can use English - your point is taken, but see #1...
> Bye
> Frederik
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