[OSM-talk] Postal areas (was Too subjective & problematic Re: no-go-areas)

Martin Trautmann traut at gmx.de
Fri Jan 17 18:12:15 UTC 2020

On 20-01-14 01:34, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
> In the USA a postal code is not actually an area, but a set of
> addresses. Often they are all in one area, but sometimes the area is
> not clearly defined. This is partially why postal codes are usually
> just added to the POI directly in the USA. Trying to make a sensible
> set of areas or boundaries will not work for all USPS postal codes.

In Austria you may have postal areas and different single postal codes

That's due to the alpine surface: certain houses can not be reached
directly, but from certain roads and paths only. The houses have
different postal codes to the area around.

Thus the Austrian post office very early had an online system where you
could check for the postal code of a certain address.

Maybe this will change with drones some day :-)

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