[OSM-talk] New tool to download OSM data from all mirrors in parallel

Yuri Astrakhan yuriastrakhan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 23:01:15 UTC 2020

For those who download OSM data regularly, there is now a simple way to
reduce the load on the primary OSM servers, while also making download much
faster and ensure the data is correct.

OpenMapTiles new tool downloads the planet from all mirrors in parallel. It
usually takes just a few minutes, and it automatically verifies md5
checksum.  The tool will not use the primary planet source by default.  The
tool can also download and validate regional extracts from geofabrik,
bbbike, and osmfr.  Internally the tool uses aria2c.

Easiest is to use it with the docker -- share current dir with docker and
save the file there. Anything after the "--" is passed to aria2c. Here's a
Linux/Mac command, but should be runnable from Windows with the minor
command adjustment.

  docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/download openmaptiles/openmaptiles-tools
download-osm planet -- -d /download

Use  --dry-run (-n)  to run it without the actual download (i.e. to see
which file it would download and from what mirrors). You may also add
--verbose (-v)

  docker run --rm -it openmaptiles/openmaptiles-tools download-osm planet

Use --help for all arguments.  See source and documentation here:

P.S. Conceptually, the script is doing for OSM data what torrents were
designed to do, but sadly there is no well established web of torrents that
would offer similar functionality.
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